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Why choose BAISYLOK's needle valve?

Issuing time:2024-01-31 20:22Author:baisylok

Why choose BAISYLOK's needle valve?

The BAISYLOK needle valve has an airtight shut-off function, which can prevent leakage and smoothly regulate liquids or gases in instrument applications, ultimately improving efficiency and reducing costs by eliminating fluid waste. BAISYLOK needle valve can accurately control flow under the most adverse conditions. Each needle valve was tested at the factory with 1000 PSI of pressurized nitrogen to ensure accuracy is achieved every time.


NV1 series

Integral valve cover | Forged valve body | 5000 PSI

5000 pounds per square inch

1/8 "-3/4" socket port

1/8 "-1/2" NPT

3mm-12mm Ferrule Port

Panel installable

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